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What is JavaScript?

The most popular front-end programming language
JavaScript is the most popular front-end programming language. In the USA it is in high demand.
The language of app and website development
JavaScript has a fairly wide range of use, but its main "tasks" - the development of Web applications and sites.
Easiest start in IT
In comparison with other programming languages, JavaScript is easy, great for those who start their way to programming from scratch.

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How to become a JS developer?

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JS Syntax:
learn the basis JavaScript
JS Practice: work on practical JS tasks

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How are JS classes organized?

Arranged in schedule
Classes are held online with a live instruction format
Practice makes perfect
You practice what you've learned by doing your homework. Then you get feedback from our teachers with comments and remarks.
Chat 24/7 with experts and like-minded people
At any time of the day you can write to the teachers in the chat room and get an answer to your question.
Practical work
When you finish your JS Syntax training, you can start practicing: solving practical problems, writing code for applications, or mastering the profession of QA Automation or Full-stack.

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for beginners

JavaScript Syntax

JavaScript Syntax. Programme of the course

  1. Introduction
About Course
Playing in the Sandbox
What is a variable?
Difference between let and const
Scope of a variable
"What's in My Name?"
The Wonders of Assignment
Primitive Data Types
Dynamically typed variables
Type "number"
Type "string"
The "boolean" type
Type "Undefined"
Type "Null"
Data Types: 5 of 8
Unary and binary operators
Strange +
Precedence of operations
Definitely useful!
Call with assignment
Data type object (introduction)
You can't call it primitive!
Operations on the object
Does the object have this property?
Boolean operators
Why do we need Boolean operators?
OR ( || )
И ( && )
NOT ( ! )
Conditional if and block else
True if and false else conditional
Multiple if else conditions
Ternary operator
Let's not forget switch!

A special object: an array
How to create an array
Accessing array elements
Adding and removing array elements

While loop
The for loop
Do while loop
Combining loops and conditional statements

The building blocks of a program
Ways to define functions
Functional expressions, arrow functions, and more

Стоимость обучения на курсе JS Syntax

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Feedback on JavaScript Syntax

JavaScript Syntax. Feedback.
Аskhat, 2 months in the US
"After arriving in the U.S. I decided to start studying programming. There were psychological barriers whether I could do it or not.

"From the first day of classes, it became clear that the course is accessible. But you need to have time and diligence.
"You don't have to browse the Internet, you already have everything ready."

"The information here is consistent. I come to love how it's done."

"I think it's cool that you can take the course for free and see if you have programming skills."
JS Syntax Feedback


I am 45, is not it too late to start?
No, there is no period "too late". If you are ready, you will get everything.
I am not good at math, will I get over the course?
Math is not a requirement for the course, in order to start that you may not even have higher education.
May I register for the course, if I have recently started learning JS?
The course is aimed to explain the basis of JS for beginners. If you already have some knowledge in JS you will repeat them for the further work.
How much time do I need to finish with the course
JavaScript Syntax takes 1 month. In a month you will know the syntax of the programming language, but in order to work with JS and to solve tasks with JS, you need to take JS Practice.

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