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Manual Software Testing Course:

from zero to pro

start March 11

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Easy start of a career in IT.

The course does not require any initial training. Practice on an American project during training.

100% readiness for an interview.

Help with resume.

100% discount on tuition for spouses.

March 11
course start
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8 weeks
course duration
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March 11th

Who is the QA Manual for?
Newbies in IT
The course program is designed for those who are just starting their journey in IT.
Bug Hunters
Who already knows what manual testing is, but work experience is needed
Why QA Manual?
An easy way to get a new profession
In 2 months you will learn the basics of manual testing, learn how to test applications and software.
In 2 months you will learn the basics of manual testing, learn how to test applications and software.
We assume that you have no experience in studying the QA Manual, and start the course with the simplest topics. You don't need any prior preparation to start the course.
Practice makes perfect
You are working on a real US project, this experience is indicated in your resume. You get homework after each class. In the internal system of the course, tests and trainings are available for students.
Feedback from the teacher
If you have any questions after the lesson or while doing your homework, you can ask them in our chat and get an answer from the teacher or assistant.
Ready to Hire
After completing this course, you are ready for the technical interview and your first QA Manual.

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How is the course going?
Course start
March 11, 2022
Duration and schedule

2 months

Mon, Wed 5:00-7:00 pm PST

Tue, Thu 7-8 pm PST (optional)

Course program
1. What is testing and who is a tester?
2. Verification vs. validation, debugging, Quality Assurance and Quality Control
3. Software life cycle (Waterfall, V-model, Agile)
4. Life cycle of system development for projects. Scram. Sprints
5. Scrum/Kanban in JIRA
6. Introduction to JIRA. Project work in Jira
7. STLC - Software Test Life Cycle
8. Principles of testing, high-level testing
9. Bug, bug life cycle, priority vs. severity (severity)
10. Defect Report Template
11. Black box strategy testing
12. Integration, system, and acceptance testing
13. Alpha/Beta testing. User testing
14. Software requirements, test requirements
15. Types of testing (functional and non-functional)
16. Test Design Techniques
17. Test cases
18. Test case templates. Creating a test case for a project
19. Test planning
20. Matrix of traceability. Creating a Responsibility Matrix for a Project
21. Application programming interface
22. Manual testing tools
23. Postman and API
24. Practice on a study project
25. Preparing for a technical interview
26. We help with the preparation of a resume

Additional COURSE INTERVIEW PRACTICE is already included in the general program
Cost and payment
You can pay through PayPal or Zelle – i@pasv.us | Contact PASV LLC
After payment, send an email to i@pasv.us

$500 discount if paid before March 10

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After graduation, students are issued a certificate confirming that you have taken a course in the profession
QA manual.

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